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This web site tells the story of Team Saluki, a desert rally team based in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. It charts the progress - the highs and the lows - of a group of people with a will to succeed. If you've ever wondered what it takes to start, to run and to succeed with a rally team, you'll find the answers within these pages.

Team Saluki have been involved in the UAE Desert Challenge since 1994 - marshalling, passage controls, sweep teams and search & rescue were a few of our tasks before entering into our first rally in 1997.

We are not millionaires, and as with all motor sports, we quickly discovered that sponsorship was the only way to be able to finance the team in order to achieve the goals we set ourselves - to compete in the international arena and show what a dedicated group of privateers can achieve when taking on the works teams.

Why Team Saluki?
In trying to come up with a team name, we were looking for something that would be indicative of the area that we live in. After discarding 'the falcon' and 'the horse', we came across the tag line "Saluki - bred for speed and endurance in the desert", and the team was born.
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